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Dear parents,

we are very glad that it was our hotel Premier who caught your attention when searching for the best place for your vacation. We would like to ask you to respect our wishes to accommodate only children of 10 years and older and therefore be able to create a special place for you, full of peace and uninterrupted relaxation. The interior of the hotel was designed to satisfy the needs of adults. There is no room to keep strollers and neither is here a place where children can play. On the other hand, you can warm up by a stunning open fireplace and relax in a private wellness with a hot sauna and jacuzzi. If there is no one to look after your children or you insist on spending the vacation with them, we would love to recommend you the Mountain Hotel Jelínek, which is perfectly furnished for family accommodation.

Why it is not convenient to accommodate children here:

- There is no room for stroller nor a place where children can play

- There are no changing tables, baby cots nor chairs

- Steep staircase with no elevator

- Windows very close to the floor with no railing (danger of falling out - Breakfast serving starts at 8:30

- No menu for children nor the possibility of half portions. - Sauna is heated to 85 degrees

- The jacuzzi is hot and deep

- Open and frequently used fireplace in the restaurant

The majority of our guests come here knowing they won't find any children here and will be able to enjoy one another, with no screams and cries of children of their own or others. We believe that your child is calm, well behaved and doesn't cry. Give him a vacation he can enjoy as well! Surrounded by other children, with a playroom full of toys and open space according to children's needs, which is exactly what you won't find here. Thank you for respecting that. We are ready to create the best moments for your vacation.

Sincerely, Team of Hotel Premier